We just celebrated Valentine’s Day, and there has been a lot of talking about love… But I wonder how many of us really love themselves as we love our partners!

Not many, I bet… So why not make it a habit to find time to treat you to a little “Love Yourself” boost?

A moment to dedicate to yourself completely, to remind you that to love others, you first have to love yourself.

That loving yourself first is not selfish, it’s just healthy!

It could be something you do on a regular basis, in order to centre yourself during your day, or a once in a while boost that is a go to when you feel a bit low, the choice is yours of course.

Love yourself
Take some time to focus on loving yourself first

Set up your Love Yourself Boost moment

The one I’m going to suggest is a little “Love Yourself” moment you can treat yourself to wherever you are.

It requires only 10/15 minutes of your time and your favourite drink!

So hopefully something that you should be able to do easily even during your working day.

If you are lucky enough to have more time at hand to dedicate to this moment for yourself, fret not, I have thought about you too. Keep reading and you’ll find an upgrade you can make to have a proper “Love & Pamper Yourself” moment.

  • Get your favourite drink. (A nice cup of coffee, a luxurious and rare tea, mint tea, simply pick your choice that feels like a real treat! Mojito? Why not?)
  • Take 10/15 minutes to yourself, and go somewhere you are not going to be bothered.
  • Begin to sip your drink, savour it, and begin your celebration.
  • Take 10 deep breaths focusing on inhaling and exhaling.
  • Think of 3 reasons why you love yourself. (Do not overthink it, go with what feel right, and if you are struggling to find 3 reasons than you need this exercise more than you realize! Loving your body because it carries you around and enable you to live every day is a sensible reason, or your passion in that area of your life, or your strength that got you through everything…)
  • Now focus on those 3 reasons and be grateful for them. Stay in the gratitude and let that feeling of gratitude and love for yourself to fill you completely.
  • Take your drink, and said out loud “I love myself”, toast to yourself, finish the rest of the drink and enjoy!
Love yourself affirmation
Affirm out loud that you love yourself!

Upgrade your “Love Yourself” moment

If you have a bit more time you might want to upgrade this moment and take it to the next level! Here is how:

Light some candles to create a relaxing atmosphere
  • Plan an invigorating hot shower, or hot bath if you prefer (and have the time), in which case make sure you light a few candles and why not adding a few fresh rose petals to the water? That is treating yourself!
  • After the shower get somewhere comfortable with your favourite drink, a relaxing music, and a body oil that you like, (if you like to do things yourself you could mix some sweet almond oil with a few drops of Ylang Ylang essential oil).
  • Then begin to massage your body from the feet up with your oil. Focus on every part of your body whilst you massage it, being grateful for every single one. Love yourself from head to toe!
  • Then proceed as above to get comfortable and have your drink, and then to list the reasons for which you love yourself, and follow all the steps!
Rose petals
Add some rose petals to your bath to treat yourself!

The benefits comes with consistency!

Do it as often as possible, maybe trying to find always different reasons, but even stating the same ones again and again has its precious benefits.

The more you do it, the more you acknowledge that the moment is sacred and something that you deserve. You might want to get addicted to it, so whatever improvement you can think to make this little ritual more meaningful to you, by all means just go ahead, the important bit are the solitude and the reasons to love yourself you have to acknowledge, and the gratitude!

Hands heart
Start from Love!

Let me know in the comments if you are willing to try this Love Yourself boost, or if you are one of the savvy ones that has already a similar habit in place!

Looking for a self care/self love routine that you can do on a regular basis? Have a look at this article on how to set up a feel good morning routine.



Images Credits: Pixabay

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