I had the chance to plan a last minute Weekend in Madrid, to accompany my daughter who is moving there for a few months to study Spanish for her year abroad at Uni.

And I very gladly took the chance to go with her, as I never had the chance to visit Madrid before!

I have been to Barcelona, and thoroughly and utterly loved it, with all that Art Deco’ decadence, and the sea… I was frankly convinced that it could not have many competitors, to be fair. But I was wrong.

The Bear and the strawberry tree in Peurta Del Sol.
The Bear and the strawberry tree in Puerta Del Sol.

We left early on Saturday morning, as our first priority was getting the key to the shared appartments for my daughter around lunchtime.

After that, and a big grocery shopping to fill her fridge for the foreseeable future, we embarked on a discovery of Madrid.

Flamenco time!
Flamenco time!

And we walked down the Calle Mayor towards the sunset…

Calle Mayor, and a spectacular sky.
Calle Mayor, and a spectacular sky.

I’ll update the rest of the trip very soon! A bit of work in progress but I couldn’t wait to share it…

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