I am sharing with you 4 natural remedies to boost your energy levels, hoping to provide you with some help in increasing energy levels making us feel better and recharged! The reason behind it is that in the last couple of weeks I have been feeling my energy levels going quite down, and I felt the need to have a little help to boost them up, and support my overall wellbeing. Therefore, I thought about a few remedies that could help with that, but something simple that did not have any collateral effect, and I could introduce easily. I realised that there is actually more than one!

Spring and Autumn can have a toll on our energy levels

Might be Spring, or the month of April in itself, (in Italy we have a say: Aprile dolce dormire, which translates in April sweet sleeping, due to the fact that usually Spring brings some tiredness and fatigue with it, that brings us to want to sleep more to compensate), but whatever the reason, is a fact that Spring, being a transition season, like Autumn can be a challenging period for our body and mind.

Whether you need a little help due to the changing season, or because you just feel that your energy levels are not top notch at the moment, natural remedies are there to help you, and there are a few that can be used safely for all the family to improve our wellbeing and help us feeling energised and ready to face whatever life is throwing at us.


Deep dive in the 4 natural remedies to boost your energy levels

The surprising thing is that there are common herbs that are as helpful as they are overlooked. Simple ingredients that we can find easily, and we might already have at home, whose healing properties are almost forgotten, or anyway not appreciated despite their powerful effect on our wellbeing. You do not need fancy or exotic remedies to restore your energy levels, you might just have to look in your cupboard, or in your garden, or your natural food store to find them and obtain all the benefits you are looking for!


Pollen: when bees comes to the rescue

bees' pollen
Bees’ pollen

Bees harvest  pollen directly from flowers, they mix it with their saliva and the flower nectar, and they use it to feed their larvae (their babies!) and to create royal gelly.

The great thing is that bees saliva actually deactivate the allergens presents in pollen, so we can consume it without risking any allergic reaction.

Pollen is an powerful restorative, it promotes vitality and is very helpful in every occasion in which our body needs to find its optimal energy levels, particularly during convalescence or in case of physical wasting. Not sure where to buy pollen? Click here to find an excellent organic pollen!

Pollen in granules
Pollen in granules

How to use it

The dosage is a tbsp a day for adults and a teaspoon a day for children, ideally away from main meals. We can use it for 2/3 months, you should consume  it for 28 days, than 7 days break and then resuming, to have the maximum benefits. Spring and Autumn are the ideal months for this therapy, and make sure that pollen is correctly preserved , and it’s not older than one year.


Black currant (Ribes nigrum)

Black currant is one of the remedies that boost energy
Black currant is one of the remedies that boost energy

This lovely plant has many health benefits, but here we want to use it for its incredible  tonic property. The plant contains a great amount of vitamin C, thanks to which is widely recognised as a great help to cure lack of energy, help during convalescence and in case of mental fatigue. It helps as well when our stress levels are too high, as it contributes to recover our ideal wellbeing. The most helpful parts of the plants, hence the ones we want to use to boost our energy levels, are the gems, as they contain more vitamin C than the fruit.

How to use it:

Mother tincture or Bud extract are the best formulation, and we can take 30/40 drops of Mother tincture 2/3 times per day, or 50 drops of bud extract 2 times per day.



Oat (Avena Sativa)

Avena sativa is the common oat
Avena sativa is the common oat

Did you know that one of the most common cereals is in fact a powerful remedy that can help us recover our strength and wellbeing? Well, now you do! Oat has stimulant, nutritive, rejuvenative (helps maintain us young!) and vitaminising properties, and is a specific remedy for our nervous system. It helps calming and soothing exhausted nerves, particularly if they are the result of a long-term illness. Some herbalists use it as well as a tonic for flagging libido.

Oat has a very high nutritional value, thanks to the high content in minerals, and is precious for the nourishment it provides to children, older people, or in any case of convalescence.

As a tonic it is helpful to fight fatigue, mental exhaustion, and lack of energy.

Oat flakes
Oat flakes

How to use it

Porridge oat has the same benefits of wild oat, so you can safely consume it for breakfast every day for 2/3 months to ripe the benefits, and its gluten free, so anyone can consume it.

Otherwise you can use the mother tincture: 40 drops 3 times per day.



Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

Rosemary plant

Rosemary is one of the most helpful plants we can have in our garden, and the leaves are precious as much as its essential oil, so the plants is very helpful when eaten, as much as it is when we use it externally with aromatherapy!

This wonderful plant is a stimulant, a brain tonic, a restorative and has rejuvenative properties too. Considering that you can use it in many ways in the kitchen, and it has a wonderful flavour and a wonderful smell, what’s not to love?

As a brain tonic it improves memory, and heightens alertness and concentration, and its rejuvenating properties are particularly helpful during menopause (and andropause too!) as a sexual stimulant and to slow down the ageing process in the body.

Rosemary is also great to use externally as an anti-fatigue and mental stimulant.

Rosemary branch
Rosemary branch

How to use it

Internal use: as an infusion (Which has an incredibly pleasant taste!), to drink after the main meals, hence 2 times per day.

I recommend to use it as much as possible when cooking and baking as well.

External use: for a restoring bath you can use 50g of leaves in the bath, or use the essential oil for the bath or for a reinvigorating massage (10 drops in the water or mixed with almond oil for the massage).


Are you already using these common natural remedies? Or are you willing to try them out?

Let me know in the comment!


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