This power smoothie is meant to be a refreshing and delicious immune boost snack. Easy to prepare, rich in all the good things that your body needs to recharge itself, to take care of your gut, to top in antioxidants and minerals!

Berrycoconut Power Smoothie
Berrycoconut Power Smoothie

Why this Berrycoconut Power Smoothie is so good for you

Maybe is the coconut sweet taste? Or maybe the ripe strawberries have the merit? Or is it the splash of agave syrup? Ok, I’m telling you. Is the combined and powerful action of 3 foods.


This fermented drink has millions of live cultures of good bacteria that are naturally present in your gut, but which balance might be altered due to stress, sugar rich diet, antibiotic therapy. The live cultures colonise your gut, recreating the original balance, and they boost your immune system, and your overall wellbeing.


Strawberries and raspberries are rich in vitamin C. Our body need it to absorb iron, and for its antioxidant action that helps us to react to external stress factors. Vitamin C helps to fight infections, and helps us recover from fatigue.


The sesame seed paste is a concentrate of minerals and protein, supporting many body processes with these nutrients. Tahini has also been associated with several benefits like reduced inflammation, and potential cancer-fighting effects.

Power Smoothie ingredients
Power Smoothie ingredients

It contains selenium, an antioxidant mineral that protects our cells from free radicals. And it provides copper, iron, and other minerals.

To know more about antioxidants, read my latest article here .

Then I added a bunch of yummy ingredients just to make it even better, but you got the idea of what makes it a good choice as a snack. Is good for you and it is delicious, so what’s not to love?



250 ml of coconut drink

35 g of strawberries

20 g of raspberries

A dash of coconut flavoured kefir

2 teaspoons of tahini

A splash of agave syrup


Add all the ingredients in the blender glass
Add all the ingredients in the blender glass

I have given you some directions in terms of quantity, but you can get crazy in changing the fruit, the kefir, and the agave proportion blending them into your perfect smoothie. Sometimes I like a thicker smoothie and increase the fruit amount, sometimes I like it even lighter and replace half of the coconut drink with water.

Anyway, here is how to prepare it!

Choose ripe berries to ensure the taste is not too acidic, wash them and add them to blender glass. Add the kefir, the tahini paste, the splash of agave syrup, and then the coconut drink. Blend it until smooth, being careful not to blend it for long, to avoid that the heat damages the vitamin C.

Your Berrycoconut Power Smoothie is ready for your snack time!

Power Smoothie
Power Smoothie

Let me know if you use smoothies for your snack in the comments below.

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