A few stats on my grey transition

Sometimes numbers are more powerful than words, as they brilliantly show facts, and get straight to the point.

So here are my 2 years grey transition journey fun facts.

During these months:

– I saved more than £600 that I would have spent for hair dye.

– I should have dyed my hair 48 times.

– I would have spent 40 hours (Almost 2 entire days!) dying my hair.

-I would have spent other 80 hours complaining about having to dye my hair.

– I spent surely more than a couple of days taking pics of my growing silvers!

– It made me feel much more at ease with myself than I used to.

– My hair and scalp got way healthier than before.

– I smile and cheer to every single silver sister I happen to meet.

– I haven’t regretted my decision once!

Grey Hair Transition

Grey Journey Mindset Switch

And now some words, as they are the best way to explain the depth and extent of the mind blowing change you go through when transitioning to natural grey hair!

– What starts as timid affirmation process when you begin to show the world your silver roots, evolves in a bold statement that makes you feel everyday more comfortable in your skin after a couple of inches of growth and more, and from then on…. in a blink the complete transition is around the corner, and you already own it.

– Whatever care you thought your hair needed… Well think that again, as you’re going to be surprised, permanent dyes for many years have changed your hair, and you’ll realise just towards the end of the transition what your natural hair really needs, and that’s likely to be LESS products = less care = less money = less time!

– Before starting you might feel that the transition will be liberating, but as you proceed down the silver path, you realise how empowering it is, and you begin to feel quite badass for it!

-All of the above is powerfully enhanced and supported by the #silversisters community on Instagram, which made this hair transition the most enthralling journey! You couldn’t ask for a better support team on your side!

– Don’t try to guess what you are going to look like, going back 2 years, just before deciding to go grey, I could never have imagined what the grey pattern was going to look like! And you realise moving forward that is not about getting what you expected, but accepting what you get. And that makes ALL the difference!

Did you find it helpful? Let me know in the comment!

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  1. Colored my hair for fifty years. I’m 76 now and have had enough. After a week of dye, grey appeared at my temples….followed by coverup powder. No more! It’s been six months of grey transitioning, and can’t wait to see the final reveal.

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